There was quite a bit of pressure riding on designing my own invites. The main problem I actually found was finding the time to design them. The concept was simple enough, our wedding is pretty much multicoloured so I wanted to get that across in the stationery. In Summer 2013 (when it was actually quite hot, surprisingly!) I spent a good few days splashing paint onto white paper. After a while I realised that I would need to build each colour up individually as it was just running into the other colours and causing a brown mushy mess. Not very ‘wedding’ like at all, haha! So needless to say by the end of June I was glad to see the back of paint and paintbrushes. For a while anyway.

Once the various splats and splodges were scanned in I created a set of invites. We had opted for just emailing save the dates, one to save postage, and two….because I hadn’t really finished them! Anyway, after deliberating over what size and shape to go for I opted for DL size so they could easily be posted.

I went to Daltons Printers in Accrington to have them printed, I knew I’d be in safe hands with them and I also knew it was easy to discuss paper stock and weights. I normally try and persuade clients to go the extra mile when choosing paper and print preferences, so figured I’d splash out a bit on these. After all, you have to practice what you preach! I opted for Colourplan by GF Smith and choose pristine white  270gsm unembossed. This gave the paper a very natural finish which I hoped would work well with the paint splats. I was really suited with the finished job. The ink on the paper had given the paint blobs a slight shine, so it actually looks as though each invite has been individually sploshed with colour. It’s very vivid and eye catching. So I can’t recommend Daltons highly enough.

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