Lynnfield Bed and Breakfast are situated in Robin Hood’s Bay, near Whitby. Chris and Penny both wanted a new look and feel to the old website and branding. The style and decor of the bed and breakfast is very art deco, so they wanted the branding to reflect the feel of the place.

After designing their logo, I then used the brand to create their website and give them a Facebook business page. They had various stationery done, leaflets and menus. They also had their logo made into actual stained glass which will sit illuminated outside the property. I have to say, that’s the first time ever any of my logos has been created in glass, so I was quite excited about that.

They were really suited with the overall designs and have had some good feedback already. They also keep their Facebook page very up to date, so if you want to see their site or their Facebook page, click on the links below.


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