My latest project which I am working on is a series of vivid illustrations of our native birds.

I have lived my whole life surrounded by the beautiful Lancashire countryside and have always been fascinated by the wildlife. It is this love that has inspired me to create these illustrations.

I will be producing a new series every few months, with signed prints of these being limited to just 30 of each bird. For every print that is sold I will be donating 10% to the RSPB.

If you want to know more or are interested in buying any, then drop me an email.

Prints are on sale now, please visit my online shop!


Magpie in flight




Barn Owl

Blue Tit




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  1. Fundraising for wildlife: Three cheers for Kathryn!
    August 13, 2013

    [...] British Feathers – Series One is the first set of birds that I have worked up and finalised. The sketches are first created by hand. After this process, once I am happy with the feathers, I create each individual feather digitally. Then the fun part of the process is choosing the colours. Going off the various images I have, I pick a colour to best represent the birds feathers. These are always a lot brighter. For example the magpies which I created, I used a vivid colour pallet of  greens, turquoises and rich blues to bring his feathers out. The idea is that the colours are exaggerated and highlighted. Although to be fair, there isn’t much exaggeration needed, some of them have the brightest coloured feathers, it’s actually more difficult making sure it’s as vibrant as it possibly can be. Finally they are reproduced to scale as giclée prints on thick 300gsm paper, numbered and then signed. [...]


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