New website and new branding

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Hopefully, during the quieter times in 2020 (if I get a chance!), I am aiming to look at new branding and a new website. It’s been a long time coming and I think a change is needed to freshen everything up a bit. So watch this space.

A new addition…

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As many of my regular clients know, I went on maternity leave last October. We had a gorgeous baby girl who we named Mei (pronounced May, it’s the Japanese spelling). She’s fantastic and we love her to bits! I am currently in the process of getting back into the swing of things come October, I’m working part time but will hopefully have more time available in the Autumn. Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes, and who has been patient enough to wait for work. I’m hoping to look at a shiny new Ink and Pixels brand on my return, I think things need freshening up a bit! So […]

Pirates, tribes people and thieving monkeys.

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I have been extremely lame recently with updating the blog and website. And the one thing I always tell clients is to keep everything updated, as often as you can. No matter how busy you are. So I’m completely ignoring my own advice right there. I’m hoping that there will be new work showcased this year and new projects to blog about. First off, since late 2015 I have been working on a book as part of the HeadStart Primary series. The writers are on board and it’s really exciting stuff. Each year group will have a different theme, and all the tests for that age group are focused on […]

Photographing feathers

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Having moved to Ramsgreave, we’re surrounded by more trees, fields and just nature in general, which is lovely.  I often take out my camera, but more of a hobby. Here’s some recent photos I snapped of the local featured friends.  

Ink and Pixels is relocating to Blackburn!

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As of the end of October, Ink and Pixels will be relocating. Don’t worry, the studio isn’t going far. So We are off to live in Ramsgreave near Blackburn. Sadly this means there will be some slight downtime whilst we move. So apologies for any delays or inconvenience. If you do need to get in touch then please don’t hesitate to drop me an email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why use Ink and Pixels?

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When I graduated from University nearly eight years ago (argh! That makes me feel old!), I was eager to prove my worth to many design agencies and employers. Long hours, hard work and dealing with so many jobs all at once was very daunting. However after nearly seven years in the industry I realised there was quite a big issue with the costs of the big agencies. When I decided to set up Ink and Pixels over two years ago, I realised there was a market out there for small businesses and start up companies who couldn’t afford the big prices the agencies where charging. I often speak to people […]


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I’ve been away for just over two weeks, in Japan, for our honeymoon. It was such an amazing place, the people, the food and the scenery was stunning. I can’t recommend it enough to people. It seems a very creative country, and I’m not surprised, everyone is so passionate about what they do and they are so proud of their heritage. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking in some areas and I can understand why it inspires them. I was very much impressed with the design over there which was extremely modern. The packaging on a lot of tourist items which you normally expect to be quite cheesy and a little […]

I’ve tied the knot!

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For those of you who know me will be aware that me and Nic tied the knot a couple of weeks ago. So you’ll now have to start getting to know me as Kath Webster. Let’s just hope the Googles search engines catch up. Thanks to all my clients who wished us well! We had a lovely day. I’ve had a lot of people asking me for photos. So here is a choice few. I say choice, there were hundreds to pick from. Photos are courtesy of NavyBlur, who are downright AWESOME! And Richard and his team who provided the entertainment on the day where equally as brilliant. Check out […]

Chorley Guardian

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I was really excited to get a phone call last week from the Chorley Guardian asking to interview me about the latest Martin Mere Exhibition. I didn’t expect to get such a detailed article printed so was quite surprised to open the paper and see my mug staring back at me on a double page spread. Thanks to everyone at the Chorley Guardian for helping to promote the work, but also writing up a really great interview. It looks fab! Although I can only apologise for my slightly scruffy and stressed appearance as it was the day before we were due to get married, haha! Here is a link to […]