I had fun a few months back creating and designing this little chap for use on an educational website. Meet Gorman the Norman. The client was pretty chuffed with the first Gorman, it wasn’t long before another two were created.


  • GormanInPageMedia1-sketch1
  • GormanInPageMedia1-sketch2
  • GormanInPageMedia1

GormanInPageMedia2 GormanInPageMedia3

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  1. Austin Hernon
    August 27, 2014

    Rather belatedly, I am pleased to compliment Kath on a job well done in bring a daft idea to life.
    I wanted to have a way of enlivening a particular section of a new website we were designing, it needed to go a bit beyond a history lesson so I wondered if a cartoon character would brighten things up a bit.
    Kath came up trumps and so Gorman was born, a jolly little chap who, despite the serious nature of his lord’s missions, manages to always look on the bright side of life, (I might have heard that refrain somewhere before.)
    You can see Gorman in action in the ‘Robert’s Journey’s,’ section if you click through to the website above.
    No matter how vague the concept, run it by Kath, and I’m sure that you will arrive at something suited to your own particular needs.
    I have no hesitation in recommending her services, thank you Kath.


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