Pirates, tribes people and thieving monkeys.

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I have been extremely lame recently with updating the blog and website. And the one thing I always tell clients is to keep everything updated, as often as you can. No matter how busy you are. So I’m completely ignoring my own advice right there. I’m hoping that there will be new work showcased this year and new projects to blog about. First off, since late 2015 I have been working on a book as part of the HeadStart Primary series. The writers are on board and it’s really exciting stuff. Each year group will have a different theme, and all the tests for that age group are focused on […]


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I’ve been away for just over two weeks, in Japan, for our honeymoon. It was such an amazing place, the people, the food and the scenery was stunning. I can’t recommend it enough to people. It seems a very creative country, and I’m not surprised, everyone is so passionate about what they do and they are so proud of their heritage. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking in some areas and I can understand why it inspires them. I was very much impressed with the design over there which was extremely modern. The packaging on a lot of tourist items which you normally expect to be quite cheesy and a little […]

I’ve tied the knot!

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For those of you who know me will be aware that me and Nic tied the knot a couple of weeks ago. So you’ll now have to start getting to know me as Kath Webster. Let’s just hope the Googles search engines catch up. Thanks to all my clients who wished us well! We had a lovely day. I’ve had a lot of people asking me for photos. So here is a choice few. I say choice, there were hundreds to pick from. Photos are courtesy of NavyBlur, who are downright AWESOME! And Richard and his team who provided the entertainment on the day where equally as brilliant. Check out […]

Chorley Guardian

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I was really excited to get a phone call last week from the Chorley Guardian asking to interview me about the latest Martin Mere Exhibition. I didn’t expect to get such a detailed article printed so was quite surprised to open the paper and see my mug staring back at me on a double page spread. Thanks to everyone at the Chorley Guardian for helping to promote the work, but also writing up a really great interview. It looks fab! Although I can only apologise for my slightly scruffy and stressed appearance as it was the day before we were due to get married, haha! Here is a link to […]

Martin Mere Exhibition

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British Feathers Series One is on the road again, this time exhibiting at Martin Mere. If you’d like to know details on opening times etc then here is the link, http://www.wwt.org.uk/wetland-centres/martin-mere/whats-on/2014/02/25/ink-and-pixels-british-feathers-series-one-exhibition/  

Samlesbury Hall Exhibition

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I was lucky enough to get given the chance to exhibit the current collection of British Feathers at Samlesbury Hall last month. It is the first time I had prepared the work to showcase so was a nice little challenge. I got a lot of positive feedback from the show. I am currently meeting with the marketing staff at Martin Mere with a view to take the exhibition there early next year. I’m pretty excited about this! So fingers crossed!

Email Signatures

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Email Signatures

I often get asked by clients how they can create an email signature similar to the one on the base of my emails. It’s one of the many little things you can do which just makes you look that bit more professional. I often refer to emails for contact details if I need to phone a client or supplier, and there is nothing as frustrating as just a single line saying ‘thanks, Sam’ etc. I’d appreciate peoples feedback on this, as everyone is different, but I tend to stay clear of having images within my email signatures too. I just find they don’t always display correctly on certain devices, and […]

RSPB Guest Blog

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RSPB Guest Blog

I feel super privileged to have been asked by the RSPB to guest blog on their website. They took an interest in the recent British Feathers project I’d been working on and asked if I would write a short piece for their site. Really suited that they have featured it. I’m going to be going out to various nature reserves and galleries in the coming weeks to hopefully promote the project more, so watch this space! Here’s the link to the article, http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/ourwork/b/biodiversity/archive/2013/08/13/fundraising-for-wildlife-three-cheers-for-kathryn.aspx And here is the link to my online shop, prints are now on sale! http://britishfeathers.bigcartel.com  

Preston City Games

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Preston City Games

This weekend I attended the Preston City Games with the Shout Network. I’m a member of Shout Blackburn and decided it a good plan to support the team! The game we were participating in was rounders, and anyone who thinks rounders is an easy game can think again. You’d never seen so many people limping, hobbling and just generally struggling to walk one play had finished. Our team sadly got knocked out by BAE after a gruelling match. Luckily the second Shout team got through to the finals and after a really good game they stormed to victory over BAE! It was a fab day, the weather couldn’t have been […]

Graphic Design and Coding

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I had a brief discussion last week with somebody who I used to work with in the design industry. And it is a discussion which I have had many times throughout my career working as a graphic designer. So I wanted to write a quick blog on the topic. And I would really appreciate people’s opinions on the subject too. Here we go, I’m opening the can of worms. Should designers learn to code websites? When I left school, which seems like ages ago, I decided I wanted to pursue a career based around something artistic. I didn’t know what exactly, most people at that age never really do. So […]